Adya is now a part of Qualys

February 11, 2019 | By Adya Team

We are excited to announce that Adya is now a part of Qualys.

The Adya journey started in early 2017 when we saw the need for a cloud-based security solution to control data exposure and insider threats. The original plan was to provide a single platform for enterprise IT to limit data exposure no matter where that data lived – whether it was on-premises or in the cloud.

However, it quickly become clear to us that the use of on-premises software is rapidly decreasing and enterprises are increasingly not just “cloud first” but “cloud only”. The future enterprise will use SaaS services for all their needs whether it is for collaboration (like GSuite, MS O365, etc), messaging (Slack, Teams, etc), human resources (Workday, etc), code repositories (GitHub, BitBucket), etc.

This move to cloud applications is great for enterprises from a cost and flexibility perspective but their IT teams are not ready to support this SaaS explosion.

The problems ranged from having to learn multiple consoles to manage multiple services, keeping track of what licenses are paid for and what’s being used and, above all, knowing and controlling how critical data is being shared and exposed, by whom and to whom.

This need for centralized administration, license management, security, auditing and reporting gave rise to a new market – Cloud Applications Management – which fit very well into the Qualys vision

Qualys (QLYS) is the pioneer in the cloud security services market who first saw the move to cloud services more than 15 years ago – even before “the cloud” was even a thing. We were very impressed by the Qualys vision, their unyielding belief in cloud based security services, their cloud platform and, most of all, by what we could do together with Qualys with access to their base of more than 10,000 customers.

We are excited to be part of Qualys and look forward to the next steps in our journey.

We thank our family, friends, investors, employees and our customers for their support and their belief in Adya. We look forward to next steps as part of Qualys.

– Deepak and Amit

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