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April 10, 2018 | Deepak Balakrishna

At Adya, we are passionate believers in the power of the cloud to transform the traditional enterprise and to make employees more productive. Specifically we have noted with interest the growth of cloud productivity platforms such as Google Suite and Microsoft O365.

These cloud collaboration platforms are orders of magnitude better than the traditional, on-premise platforms not just in terms of lower costs and a reduced management burden but also better for collaboration and productivity.

However, there are downsides as well. We have noted earlier they “just too easy to use” :-).

Stories abound about data exposed via careless sharing of data, exposed calendars, malicious third-party applications, etc.

These SaaS blind-spots can make even the most forward thinking IT team take pause and ask themselves if they REALLY know what’s going on in their organization. What data is exposed? Which external users can access internal data? Who’s exposing them? Are they careless or malicious users? Etc…

These are the problems we at Adya are focused on. We are excited to announce the release of Adya! Adya helps enterprises manage and secure their apps and data on Google Suite. We are a Google Cloud technology partner and our solution is published on GSuite marketplace.

Adya is a tool for GSuite admins to get visibility into – among other things – what data has been exposed, what third-party apps have been installed (and their degree of risk), which external users have access to internal data, which internal users have been exposing data – and to fix it all with a few clicks and set policies so it does not happen again!

The following are some of the use cases supported by Adya.

Adya use cases

1. Get visibility into document exposure on GDrive – Get visibility into

  • what documents are shared outside of the company,
  • which external users have access to those documents,
  • the internal users who are exposing these documents

2. Take remediation actions to control exposure – with one click of a button

  • Remove all access for external users
  • Make sensitive files and folders private
  • Transfer ownership of some or all files when an employee leaves
  • Watch all activity of users / groups or on files / folders

3. Get visibility on potentially dangerous third party apps installed in your domain and remove risky ones

  • Get a view of all of the apps to which users have granted access
  • Sort installed by their riskiness
  • Remove risky apps for all users or certain users

4. Policies / alerts for document access and application install

  • Whitelist/blacklist access to resources
  • Get Alerted on violation of policies
  • Automatic remediation to remove access or sharing privileges
  • Whitelist / blacklist for app install

And much, much more to come.

We encourage you to try it in your organization! Check out Adya at , sign up for a webinar and send us a mail at

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