Introducing GitHub Support on Adya

July 10, 2018 | By Deepak Balakrishna

GitHub has been in the news recently following its $7.5 billion purchase by Microsoft. Since its inception in 2008, GitHub has grown rapidly and is now used by over 28 million developers and hosts more than 85 million repositories. Billions of lines of code are now committed to GitHub. As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, so aptly put it in a blog post following the acquisition, “GitHub is the home of all developers”.

However, given its importance as the repository of critical intellectual property, companies are now starting to focus on Github threats more seriously. One of the most pernicious issues affecting GitHub is that repositories are shared much more widely than they need to be. And as developers join and leave projects, their access is rarely revoked. This is especially the case if they used personal email ids to access the repo or they were external contractors who worked on a project for a brief period.

Adya is excited to introduce support for Github to help address such issues.

Adya helps enterprises manage and secure their cloud apps. One of the most important use cases we support is to help enterprises understand their exposure of data. For example, with Adya, enterprises have better visibility into what data is exposed, who outside the company has access to internal data, which users are exposing data and gives enterprises the tools to fix these issues. We are excited to extend the platform to now support Github.

With Adya, enterprises can:

  • List all users – internal and external – with access to Github repositories
  • List all the repositories
  • Get alerted in case external users are added to a repository
  • Take action to remove external users from a repository

More features will be introduced in the future to better manage and secure Github repositories including monitoring forks of repos, suspicious checkouts, etc.

Our vision is to be the single platform to help manage and secure cloud applications. We are pioneers in a nascent market – Cloud Applications Management – to help enterprises centrally manage their SaaS infrastructure, manage costs, secure data and stay compliant of regulations. Support for GitHub fits squarely in this vision.

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