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July 10, 2018 | By Deepak Balakrishna

The growth of SaaS applications has been astonishing. Gartner estimates the market for SaaS applications at $73.6 billion dollars in 2018, a growth of 22% from the prior year. By 2021, they expect SaaS applications to account for 45% of all application software spend.

Other independent surveys and our conversations with customers point to the same conclusion. Companies are not just “cloud first” but “cloud only”.

According to some surveys, even small companies have in excess of 16 SaaS applications across different functional areas – like collaboration and productivity (G Suite, O365, Box, Dropbox, etc), CRM (Salesforce, etc), Engineering (Github, Jira, etc) and so on.

This SaaS sprawl is becoming unmanageable and brings with it a host of problems related to complicated administration, underutilized costs and security and compliance of data spreading to the cloud. There is a need for better Cloud Applications Management.

One of the concerns with this explosion of cloud applications is the problem of managing SaaS licenses. We have talked about the three problems of SaaS licenses, summarized below:

  • Exploding Costs: SaaS licenses start cheap but become expensive very quickly with more users and more apps.
  • Limited visibility into app usage and utilization means it’s quite possible that licenses are paid for but not used.
  • Renewal cycles for cloud applications are all over the place. It’s difficult to track them. Most companies end up using a spreadsheet to track this!

According to some estimates, companies have been known to leave 30% of their SaaS licenses underutilized. This happens for a variety of reasons – for example, when employees leave and rather than deleting the account, IT admins “suspend” the account – but do not actually remove it. So costs are still incurred.

To help enterprises get better control on the costs of cloud applications and to track their SaaS apps better, we are excited to introduce License Management in Adya.

Figure 1 : Adya Apps listing

We believe license management of SaaS applicatins is a core component of Cloud Applications Management and it is one leg of the framework that includes centralized administration, security and compliance, auditing and reporting and license management.

Adya provides the following features:

  • A full inventory of more than 3000 apps that can be tracked
  • Automatic listing of provisioned licenses for connected apps (currently, as of July 2018, thats G Suite, Slack and Github. More coming soon)
  • Automatic pricing for connected apps
  • Automatic utilization stats of connected apps
  • Complete flexibility for IT to add / remove all other SaaS apps

No longer do you have to maintain spreadsheets!

We have several improvements planned including automatic connection to accounting systems (like NetSuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Zoho, etc) to pull in cost information, more connectors to automatically pull license and usage information, cost savings insights, etc.

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