Introducing Policies and Alerts

May 18, 2018 | By Deepak Balakrishna

We are excited to introduce policies and alerts!

With Adya, enterprises can manage and protect their data and apps on G Suite. An admin can use Adya to see what data has been exposed on G Suite, which external users have access to internal documents and which internal users are exposing documents. A sample dashboard of what an admin sees is shown below

However, IT admins have other tasks and priorities and they cannot be expected to log in to a tool frequently just to see what has changed. Ideally they’d like to be alerted of critical issues as soon as they occur.

That is exactly what we now provide with policies and alerts.

An admin can set up “policies” – rules that define what is allowed or not allowed – and an alert is sent if the policies are violated. Here are some of the use cases we can now support:

  • In case any document in the domain is exposed publicly – i.e. to anyone in the world – immediately alert the admin
  • No documents owned by executives can be shared externally.
  • Consultants cannot share documents outside of the company
  • Sensitive documents that are part of a project can be shared only between the project team members – both within and outside the company.

… and many many more.

This gives enterprises much more granular control on exposure of data and watching and controlling activity on sensitive resources. For more info on setting it up and for trying out the product, check out

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