Introducing Trusted Domains and Apps

June 14, 2018 |

Adya helps enterprises manage and secure their cloud applications such as G Suite and Slack. Among other features, we give administrators visibility into what data is exposed, external users who have access and internal users who have been exposing documents, dangerous third-party apps that are installed and allow administrators to fix this exposure and set policies so it does not happen again.

The Adya definition of “external exposure” means any documents exposed and accessible by users outside of the administrator’s company domain. However this is taking a sledgehammer to the problem and has the potential to generate a lot of alerts that are irrelevant since there are very reasonable use cases for external sharing of data. In addition, there are very real reasons for companies and users to install third party apps that may unreasonably be tagged as being dangerous. The last thing any alerting solution needs is to be seen as the boy who cried wolf.

Most “exposure” of data happens between trusted partners. For example, let’s say we in Adya have a marketing services company we work with – “” and a financial services company we contract with – “” – any documents shared with them should not be tagged at the same level as any other external exposure of documents.

There is a need for handling data sharing more intelligently to cover the cases detailed above. To avoid such false positives, we are excited to introduce Trusted Domains and Apps. With trusted domains, an administrator can set up certain domains as trusted. For example, the domains above – and would be listed as trusted domains. Also important apps can be listed as trusted apps.

Figure 1 – Listed trusted domains and trusted apps

Adya then classifies them separately and does not alert for any documents shared with these trusted domains or any installation of trusted applications. More details are available in the product documentation.

This reduces the instances of false positives and gives administrators greater confidence that the alerts that are being generated are worthwhile to pay attention to. This is one of many features Adya has to provide enterprises the granularity they need to meet their real-world needs.

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