Adya for Slack

Slack is now firmly established as the de-facto enterprise messaging and collaboration platform and is getting exponentially more popular with companies who want to easily collaborate with employees, partners, customers and the public around the world. It currently boasts 8 million daily active users on its platform

However this ease of use also brings with it some unexpected security issues. It is easy for employees to share documents publicly on slack channels, add external users to internal channels or install potentially dangerous third party apps that can read messages.

Here are the different ways Adya can help manage and protect data and apps on Slack:

Document Management
  • See which documents are exposed outside the company
  • Get alerted immediately on external exposure of documents
  • Mark shared documents private and prevent external access

User Management
  • See which external users have access to internal channels
  • Mark user documents private to prevent exposure of sensitive user documents
  • Get alerted if an external user is added to a channel

Application Management
  • See which third party applications are installed on Slack
  • Understand how risky installed apps are
  • Get alerted in a risky application is installed on Slack

With Adya, enterprises get a comprehensive view of the users, documents and applications in their Slack environment, manage them centrally, understand and eliminate data exposure and set policies and get alerted so it does not happen again.