Adya Update on August 1, 2018

The following features and bug fixes were part of the Adya August 1, 2018 Release

  • Revert permission change action both in GSuite and Slack – in prior versions, we would alert but any further action to be taken was left to the administrator. With this new version, we can automatically revert to the pre-alert stage on invocation of an alert
  • CSV export for users and resources table – export directly from the Users and Resources pages
  • Revoke app install for GSuite – dangerous applications installed can be automatically revoked.
  • Display last login time for users for Gsuite
  • Show potential savings for GSuite based on inactive users – if a user has not logged in for 90 days, we mark them as disabled and show them as potential savings
  • Handle user suspended/delete event for GSuite and Slack (bug fix)
  • Add default reports for Inactive users, empty Slack chanels and empty Google groups.

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