Adya Update on May 11, 2018

The following features and bug fixes were part of the Adya May 11, 2018 Release

  • Action on apps action now have a confirmation dialog flow (enhancement)
  • Granular identification of publicly shared documents – Publicly discoverable vs Anyone with link (enhancement)
  • Bug fixes to search component (bugfix)
  • Sorting is now available on all columns in resources view (enhancement)
  • Removed unnecessary granularity from report scheduling widget. (enhancement)
  • Proper error handling and displaying across app.(enhancement)
  • Bug fixes in self service workflow (bugfix)
  • Alerts notification view when policies are violated (enhancement)
  • Autocomplete for user email fields (enhancement)
  • Users view would be now grouped by domain names. These groups will allow expand and collapse (enhancement)
  • Bulk actions would now be properly handled in async manner. Each action completion message will also have a corresponding audit log number and link to navigate to log view. (enhancement)
  • Policy bug fixes (bugfix)

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