Adya Update on May 31, 2018

The following features and bug fixes were part of the Adya May 31, 2018 Release

  • Slack connector support – manage and secure data, users and apps on Slack
  • 4 Pre-defined alerts (and 3 of them switched on by default)
  • Supported for trusted domains (in addition to external and internal)
  • Policy support for Application Install
  • More descriptive text on alerts on application and on alert emails
  • New email template for scan, welcome and alerts
  • Alerts marked as read after user reads them for the first time
  • Redesign of Users view with left side filtering pane
  • More descriptive text for audit logs
  • Add “Severity’ field for alerts
  • GSuite scan works correctly for 1000+ groups (bug fix)
  • Bug fixes in Reports (bug fix)

In case of any questions, please reach out to