Adya Update on September 5, 2018


The following features and bug fixes were part of the Adya September 5, 2018 Release

  • Offboarding workflow  – A customer can now initiate a one-click offboarding step that transfers ownership, removes a user from group membership, removes them from channels, etc.
  • Weekly email summary – Administrators will now start to receive a weekly email (on Mondays) summarizing the activity Adya has detected over the past week.
  • Multi-select / Bulk actions for Documents and Apps – Previous releases supported multiple selections for bulk actions on the Users pane. Now this is supported for Documents and Apps as well
  • Default GitHub policies – 2 new GitHub policies – alert when a new external collaborator is added and alert when a repository is made public
  • New pre-defined reports – List of external users, list of all administrators, list of exposed documents
  • Non-domain install no longer supported – For G Suite, a domain administrator can only install from the G Suite marketplace. No user mode install is supported anymore
  • Application Whitelist – Users can now whitelist the names of the apps that are allowed to be installed
  • Separation of internal, trusted and external users on document view and on email alerts
  • Corrected error message when API access is not enabled (bugfix)
  • Trial accounts limited to a number of actions that can be taken


In case of any questions, please reach out to