Managing Applications

Adya helps IT get visibility into third party applications installed by users and see how risky they are

Use Cases

  • IT is concerned that users are installing third party applications and granting them permissions to access their files, calendars, etc. They want visibility into all apps installed in the company and the degree of risk of each
  • For each app, IT wants to see which users have installed it and remove it from users as necessary


The Apps tab shows all the applications installed in the domain highlighted by the risk score of the app (marked in red – High Risk, yellow – Medium Risk or blue – Low Risk) . The risk score of an application is dependent on the depth of scopes granted to the application

For each app, an admin can review the scopes granted and the users who have installed it. (Use case #1).

For dangerous apps, admins can revoke access to the users who have installed it (Use Case #2)

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