Managing Documents

Adya helps you manage access to documents owned by employees across a diverse set of use cases.

Use Cases

  • A folder contains important documents and cannot be shared with anyone inside or outside the company. Only the owners should have access.
  • External users have been provided too much access. IT would like users to have granular access only for documents that they absolutely need to have access to.
  • An HR folder has company policies that can only be accessible by employees. External users should not have access
  • An employee has moved from marketing to sales. His permissions need to be changed from “write” to “read” for all marketing documents.


For each document the following actions can be taken:

  • Quick Actions
    • Transfer ownership -> to a new owner
    • Remove external access -> so users outside the company do not have access (Use Case #2)
    • Make this private -> so the document is only accessible by the owner (Use Case #1)
  • For each individual file, the admin can
    • Remove access by a specific user (Use Case #3)
    • Change permission to read, write or make a specific user the owner (Use Case #3)

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