Reports and Self-Service


The admin can create reports to get

  • Access permission report on a file or folder
  • Activity report on a file or user

These reports can be scheduled to run immediately or emailed to the admin at a specific schedule. To access reports, click on the “Report” and “Add”

The report can be scheduled to run immediately (and the result exported to CSV) and also be scheduled to be emailed on a regular schedule.


While the primary user of Adya is the GSuite admin of the domain who connects to GSuite and scans the domain, individual non-admin users can also log into Adya after the admin has scanned it to view and act on just their own documents and applications.

The use case here is that the responsibility of managing access to documents and applications does not just have to be with the administrators. The admins can ask individual users to log in and clean up access to their own documents and remove any apps they may have authorized.

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