Review Dashboard

The Adya dashboard is the home page to guide users through the rest of the application. It provides widgets with summary data that are clickable to take you to the complete reports.

The following information is displayed on the dashboard

  • The total number of files, folders, users and groups
  • Pie-chart showing number of shared documents including:
    • Number of documents shared with everyone in the company (in blue)
    • Number of documents shared with at least one person outside the company (in yellow)
    • Number of documents shared with anyone in the world that has access to the document link (in red)
  • Pie-chart showing number of third party apps installed in the company classified by degree of risk
  • File types of the externally shared documents
  • List of external users who have access to one or more documents
  • List of internal users who have exposed the most documents externally

Each of these widgets can be clicked to get the full report.

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