Cloud Applications Management

The tremendous growth of SaaS applications – to a staggering $74 billion dollars in 2018 – is bringing to the surface new concerns for IT administrators around SaaS administration, license management, security & compliance and reporting & auditing.


Each new SaaS application deployed by an organization – and on average, companies have 16 SaaS applications – means a new console for IT administrators to get familiar with. Since a common set of tasks is often repeated for each tool – creating user accounts, adding them to groups, setting access roles, etc – this is a waste for time for IT to have to repeat each step across each SaaS application. This also introduces the possibility of errors.

Adya provides a single console that allows administrators to learn one tool and use that to perform the common administrative tasks across their critical SaaS applications. Adya provides the following features to aid in centralized administration:

  • Add and remove users from groups
  • Add and remove users from channels
  • Role based access control
  • Centralized workflows for onboarding and offboarding

More features will be added with each new release to make it easier for IT administrators to manage their important SaaS applications.

License Management

SaaS applications are typically sold on a metered basis – typically on a per-user/per-month model. While this starts out looking inexpensive, as more users are added and more applications are added to the mix, the final costs of these SaaS licenses is non-trivial. In addition, it is very common for SaaS licenses to be provisioned to users who may not need it anymore, are using it very sparingly or have even left the organization. Adya provides the following features to help administrators manage their SaaS licenses:

  • Get central visibility into all SaaS licenses from a central console
  • Get a complete accounting of the true cost of your SaaS infrastructure. No more running around with spreadsheets!
  • See how many licenses are not being used and can be reclaimed for cost savings
  • View which license renewals are coming up and if cost savings can be achieved
  • Get frequent reports on license provisioning and usage

Security and Compliance

SaaS applications are popular because they are easy to use and enable greater productivity and collaboration. However, that ease of use is a double edged sword. It is very easy for employees to share documents widely with employees, partners, consultants, etc . However, this is a big concern as data can be exposed either maliciously or, more likely, by mistake. Adya provides the following features to help administrators to secure data on their SaaS applications:

  • See which external users have access to internal documents and which employees are sharing data
  • With one click remove access by external users and make critical user data private
  • See which files and folders are exposed and make them private with a single click
  • Get a reported of all installed apps and alerted on dangerous ones
  • Get alerted in case of external user access, if sensitive data is exposed or if dangerous apps are installed

Reporting and Auditing

Moving to the cloud does not eliminate the need for enterprises to adhere to internal or external regulations. In fact, enterprises have to keep a closer eye on data exposure and access as they work with their enterprise and government customers to ensure compliance. Adya provides the following features to help companies with their reporting and auditing needs:

  • Get activity log reports by user, group, file or folder
  • Get access permissions reports on sensitive files or folders
  • On-demand and scheduled reports supported
  • Pre-built and custom reports supported