The Adya Journey So Far – An Interview

September 18, 2018 | By Adya Team

Recently our CEO, Deepak Balakrishna, was interviewed on the Nathan Latka show. Nathan Latka is a serial entrepreneur who also runs a well-regarded podcast – “The Top” – focused on early-stage startups that have been featured on Forbes, Inc, Wall Street Journal, See more at

The following are excerpts from that interview. The link to the full Youtube interview is at the end of the blog.

What does Adya do?

Adya helps enterprises manage and secure their SaaS applications. As enterprises move to SaaS applications – GSuite, O365, Slack, etc – they are finding it difficult to administer this SaaS sprawl. We provide one console for IT admins to centrally manage their critical SaaS apps (and hence save time and reduce administrative errors), manage SaaS licenses (and hence save money) and secure their data no matter where it may be.

Who is the buyer? Who is the user? What is the Adya business model?

Adya is a SaaS management and security solution priced by the number of employees at the company. At a base rate of $2/employee/month (for annual billing), that translates to $2,400 for a company of 100 employees for a 12-month term.

Mid-market companies (i.e. with less than 1000 employees) tend to have small IT teams. The Director of IT / Head of IT tends to be both the user and the buyer of the solution.

What was the genesis of the idea behind Adya?

At his prior company, Deepak was pitching cloud-based backup to enterprises. He consistently heard from prospects and customers that while the backup was important, the management and security of data moving to the cloud was even more of a concern. There were very few solutions targeted at this problem and traditional IT Operations tools have not yet moved to focus on cloud applications. While some security solutions exist, they tend to be enterprise focused and do not fit the needs and budgets of mid-market companies.

Given this feedback, Adya was born to meet this unmet need – to help mid-market enterprises manage and secure their cloud applications.

How do you make a security tool sticky?

All SaaS products need to provide continual value to the customer to ensure a good chance at renewal. As a security product, it is not sufficient for us to silently stop attacks – we need to constantly let the end user know what we are doing behind the scenes. In Adya, we send out alerts everytime we detect an anomaly (documents shared externally, dangerous applications installed, etc) as well as a weekly summary of what we discovered at the customer. This constant communication will enable us to stay on top of the customer’s mind.

Nathan Latka “Favorite” questions. What is your…

  • Favorite Book – Getting Things Done. While not a traditional business book, it keeps us on track.
  • Favorite CEO – Satya Nadella, Microsoft. What he has done with MS is truly legendary.
  • Favorite online tool for building the company – Trello. It helps keep track of stuff very efficiently.

What is your advice to “your younger self” / i.e. to young entrepreneurs?

I wish I had gotten into the startup game much earlier. I’d advise my younger self to not overthink it – just go for it. Just do it.

You can view the entire interview on YouTube

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