The Explosive Growth of SaaS Apps and of their Risks

April 4, 2018 | Deepak Balakrishna

It’s a cliche but it bears repeating that the usage of SaaS applications is rising exponentially as noted by the headlines of leading technology publications.

Google Suite and Office 365 are now the de-facto collaboration and productivity suites used by companies – especially by small and medium sized companies.  

However, these SaaS platforms lead to blind spots, and some surprising security issues related to overexposure of data and malicious apps. Some recent headlines bear this out.

Google (and Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, etc) do a great job securing their platform from external attacks. However, they cannot protect from carelessness or malicious behaviour of trusted insiders – employees, partners, consultants, etc. A tool is needed to set up strong management and security controls to protect companies.


Adya ( ) is one such tool. Adya helps enterprises manage and protect their SaaS applications.

Adya helps enterprises connect to their SaaS data sources, apply policies centrally, identify critical information, show who has access to what and identify if anyone is acting maliciously or carelessly.

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